My Priorities

* School Financial Policies
– Reserves for Economic Emergencies need to be based on Risk Analysis & Stress Testing of our School District.
– Reserves for Employee Retirement Benefits are inadequate. We need to look at alternatives for how the funds are managed so that we don’t continue to fall behind. This is a big problem that is not yet fully appreciated.

* Extra Curricular Activities Funding
– New State rules on funding may require creation of a Foundation and/or Endowment Fund to relieve pressure on academic resources

* Technology Plan
– Support teachers having the best available tools
– Provide teachers access to customized training in new as well as current tools when requested

* Response to Site Emergencies
– Supplement Police, Fire, and EMS response with on-site CERT and Emergency Radio training. This is not something on which to be conservative. Let me know what you think.

* Support for Unique Needs & Preferences of Each Community
– Los Gatos and Saratoga occasionally have differing community priorities which should be respected and supported.

* Adult Education Expansion at Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation
– I suspect there is potential interest in continuing education in subjects beyond those currently provided at LGSRecreation or local Community Colleges. Do you agree? Let me know.
– Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation (LGSR) Adult Classes (catalog)
– New LGSR Adult Classes (potential)
LGSR is a Joint Powers agency of the three local school districts.

Supporting Teachers

* Technology Upgrade
– keep hardware & software up-to-date to permit use of latest apps and tools

* Technology Strategic Plan
– keeping it current and fully implemented
– increase support from parent and community volunteers

* Institute for Teaching Technology (ICT 2.0) (Potential Subjects)
– survey of teacher unmet needs and wants
– training in the use of the advanced tools to help understand and communicate with students and families, such as:
. Data Analytics
. Predictive Analytics
– communication Tools for teachers
– supplements to classroom direct instruction

* Community Volunteers from High Tech Sector
– more outreach to employers and other stake-holders


My Experience …

* As a Volunteer in our local Schools
– LGUSD Dad’s Club (sold barbecued food to raise money for the Home and School Club)
– Los Gatos (Elementary) Education Foundation (doubled its annual donations to over $200K during my tenure as President)
– LGUSD Technology Committee (hands-on wiring of Fisher Middle School to provide network access to classrooms, mostly to the teacher’s desk).
– LGSUHSD Technology Committee (drafted earliest computer and networking policy)
– LGSUHSD Superintendent’s Cabinet (provided commentary on policies)
– LGSUHSD Appointee to Institute of Computer Technology
(which developed and taught curriculum for teachers to use computers in their classroom; annual budget grew to $10M, including grant of computers to teacher graduates)
– Tutor at (employee of) West Valley College (tutored advanced high school students and mature adults seeking career advancement or new careers when they took Chemistry, Biology or Math classes)

* As a Community Volunteer in Los Gatos
– Los Gatos Bicycle & Pedestrian Commission (co-chair in its first year; which developed first Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan for Los Gatos; which obtained town funding for initial set of recommended projects – shared with Safe Routes to School)
– Los Gatos Transportation & Parking Commission (which initiated the current School Bus plan based on the successful program in Danville; makes recommendations on specific parking issues at the request of the Town Council; member of the Complete Streets Ad Hoc sub-committee)
– Los Gatos/Monte Sereno CERT (member of Leadership and Emergency Communications committees)
– Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (leader of the group for past 5 years): LG/MS ACS-RACES
– initiated a One Day class for CERTs to get a ham license (13 classes to date, 250+ graduates)
– participant, since 2010, in the Annual Children’s Holiday Parade Emergency Radio team (for communications of public safety information with the police)
– monthly tester of emergency radios at the El Camino Hospital Los Gatos
– monthly tester of emergency radios at the LG/MS PD HQ and EOC locations
– Los Gatos/Monte Sereno PD “Volunteer in Policing” (5 years: graffiti removal and home vacation checks)
– Los Gatos Democracy Tent: LG Democracy Tent

* As a Community Volunteer in Santa Clara County
– County Civil Grand Jury (member 2016-18, foreperson 2017-18; over 20 investigations, 13 published reports, including school district governance issues: SCC Grand Jury
– County Chapter of California Grand Jury Association (initiated formation in August 2018 to further the public benefits of the Grand Jury system)
– County Roads Commission (vice chair; focuses on strategy to improve the condition of county roads, travel safety, and future Intelligent Transportation Systems infrastructure)
– VTA Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission (member 4 years, chair last 2 years: prioritized update of County Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan; evaluates and scores proposals for Proposition B grant requests; initiated and obtained VTA General Manager and Board of Directors approval for all VTA Advisory Commissioners to receive subsidy for travel by bicycle to VTA meetings: a dramatic precedent)
– County Registrar of Voters precinct inspector (site manager) in Los Gatos for the last four elections
– U.S. 2010 Census (field enumerator of homeless, retirement group homes, and individual residences in Los Gatos and Campbell)
– County Hospitals Network Emergency Communications Coordinator (for 11 Hospitals, monthly & annual drills)
– Initiated, at the request of the County Public Health Department, a one-day class for medical and hospital employees to obtain an FCC Amateur Radio license and equipment (offered quarterly, starting Oct 10, 2018). We expect to train over 200 medical and hospital workers per year.

* Non-profit Private Sector
– Co-Founder & President of two Consortia that manage internet and telecom subsidies available to Federally Qualified Non-Profit Health Care Providers from the FCC Healthcare Connect Fund: Healthcare Communications, LLC


* Local Elected Leaders

Ro Khanna – Congressman for much of Silicon Valley (we share views on the need for an emphasis on quality public school education, as well as retraining displaced workers affected by change, especially disruptive advances).

Marico Sayoc, Rob Rennie, Barbara Spector – Los Gatos Town Council members who are endorsing candidates in this election (we share views on the need for being active in our local government in either elective office or appointed commissions).

* Local Community Leaders

Maria Ristow, Robert Buxton, Jeff Loughridge, . . .  are among a long list  of local residents with whom I have had the privilege of serving on various commissions.